Peter Lloyd Creative

Dilate, 2018

“Dilate” seeks to ask the question, “In the future, what forms of symbiosis will humans develop with technology?"

In the near future our connection to devices will increase both intellectually and bodily. The effects of this relationship are unforeseeable. 

As technology and research into organic materials develops, our tools will function less like static objects and more like sentient lifeforms. In the future, technology will be drawing from the split worldview between machine and organism, assembly and growth.

"We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us." (McLuhan, 2001)

Dilate comprises of a wearable device that utilises human data to expand, pulsate and grow through inflatable actuators on its surface. Interaction with the device encourages the viewer to consider what forms of symbiosis humans will develop with technology in the future. 

Dilate explores this idea through a wearable device that feeds off of human data (the wearer’s breaths) and grows from that information through inflatable actuators on the wearable’s surface.

Our aim is to give the public an opportunity to experience firsthand a living, breathing piece of technology on their body and a chance to explore their emotional response to this relationship. 

"In the future, how we treat our devices will determine how they in return treat us." (Thomas, 2018)