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Synapsense, 2017

Commissioned for the Ars Electronica Festival (2017), Synapsense is an interactive space that asks the question, "What is the sense of being human in the future?"

Through the use of conductive floor pads and pressure sensitive ropes our team created a sonic playground that emulates a circuitboard and challenges what role the human senses will play in collaboration with technology. 

Alongside the interactive space, a choreographed dance highlights the main theme of the installation and its capabilities.

For this project, I was in charge of directing and creating the overall visual aesthetic for the piece. This include developing floor designs for the space, vector art and the the fifteen interactive floor pads for the installation.



No Walls QUT, Ars Electronica Festival

Team: Isabella Hood ,Felix Palmerson, Georgia Pierce, Sophie Barendse, Matilda Skelhorn, Phillipa Chapman, Jayden Grogan, Oscar Connor ,Matthew Davis, Peter Lloyd, Matthew Strachan, Yanto Browning, Cameron Whelan, Stephanie Hutchison, Lubi Thomas, Greg Jenkins, Quinty Pinxit-Gregg