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Wavelength, 2018


Wavelength, 2018

Wavelength is the first installation in a series called, “Contemplative Spaces.” Through the use of Cymatics two participants can create various patterns in an interactive tea table by synchronising the movements of their hands. The project was created into order to aid in meditation, mindfulness and connection between two individuals.

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This project is constructed from a speaker that is controlled by two ultrasonic sensors; one for the pitch of the speaker and the other is for volume. This in turn will create intricate patterns in the water which is a form of sound visualisation.

Inspired by the philosophies of Sen no Rikyu and the artwork of James Turrell, “Wavelength” places a high emphasis on the role of the participant and community as the chief creator and agent of artwork rather than a passive viewer.



Future installations of this work will aim increasing the size and scale of the work, alongside making the whole human body responsive to the water ripples, not just the hands.

Special thanks to Joe Chai for assisting in the coding and electronics behind this kinetic sculpture.

For a full rundown of the process behind this project view my blog here.